The Irish Times

17.3.2012 by Tom Kelly

This appeared on page 42 on the Irish Times magazine in the Gadget section.


Flashbk Expandable Hi-Viz 

Here’s a great idea
from small Irish start-up Motionfox. The Flashbk Expandable Hi-Viz bike
bib can extend to go over a cyclist’s backpack instead of having the
bag cover the vital reflective panels. Cycling is at its most popular
for decades, but low-light safety is a real issue, with so many cyclists
donning a cloak of invisibility. At least that’s the view of both the
pedalling and motoring communities, so anything that helps strike a
light is a boon. The Flashbk doesn’t just expand, it has elastic hooks
on the back to attach lights, hi-reflective strips, a showerproof
coating and an elasticated rear hem to cut down flappage. It expands or
contracts easily by way of a couple of press fasteners on either side,
which also allow flexibility in terms of bag size, from backpacks to
courier messenger bags to handbags or even manbags, as co-founder Rob
Quigley quips on Motionfox’s demo video. Available in a couple of
vibrant colours. Flashbk Expandable Hi-Viz, €20, from and bike shops

14.1.2012 by Brian O’Connell

The following appeared on page 12 of the Magazine 



new start-up aims to supply and make high-visibility safety wear a
little more stylish and fashionable. Its products include the FlashBk,
an expandable patent-pending hi-vis vest that can cover the wearer and
their bag, or it can be worn as normal. The company has qualified for
the final of a €10,000 start-up competition, with the winner chosen by
public vote.

Prior to founding his company, Rob Quigley studied
for a PHD in computer science. “We noticed a huge increase in cycling
and as a cyclist I wanted a better choice of hi-vis activewear,” he
says. “I wanted activewear that was fun as well as functional. We
launched online five weeks before Christmas but plan to expand into
retail shops into 2012. Our products are all Irish designed and
manufactured overseas. This year we are very optimistic. We had a great
response coming up to Christmas time and we are also bringing out a
range of fun high-vis clothing for kids in the near future.”