Motionfox co-founders
Rob has been a cyclist for many years. Not a very good one though, just somebody who uses their bike to get places: to work, to town, to the shops. Normal places that he feels he would enjoy cycling to more if he had some better hi-viz gear – so he decided to make some with Steve! Rob also does a bit of running and has done some marathons and triathlons in the past. He did the Tough Guy challenge in the UK in 2011 where he almost froze but survived! Rob likes DJing when he can and his favourite hobby is eating. 

Steve has been a motorist since he could afford his first insurance, over the years he noticed it was very hard to see cyclists and walkers on the roads at night due to the fact that they didn’t wear any hi-viz gear or did wear some but covered the visibility with a back pack. Steve who’s not the most active person on the planet has done the Four Peak challenge and does occasionally like to go for hikes (Very Occasionally).