Our Story

A Brief History of Motionfox……

Sometime in 2010

Rob is cycling to college one day wearing a backpack on over his hi-viz vest. He realises this is pointless and the bag is hiding his hi-viz vest. Surely there is a better way to do things than this.

Later in 2010

Rob and Steve talk about the idea of an expandable hi-viz vest. Over many beers and many google searches they can’t find one online and start to talk about making their own. They also talk about starting a business (a lot).

February 2011

Rob and Steve stop talking about starting a business together and actually start a business together.

April 2011

Sewing machineA sewing machine is brought from Leitrim and Mary teaches Rob how to sow. The first Motionfox FlashBk prototype is born.

July 2011

After several months on the phone trying to find someone to make their hi-viz vest in Ireland, and then Europe, a man in Portugal tells Rob he should go to China.

October 2011

A+A Trade Show

China is far away but Germany is less far away. Rob goes to trade show in Germany and meets lots of companies from China.

November 2011

The first production run of expandable FlashBk hi-viz vests arrives from China. Much high-fiving occurs. Motionfox.com goes live on 11/11/2011.

Motionfox website is launched

Motionfox website goes live on 11/11/2011

January 2012

Woo Hoo we have our first stockist! The Rothar Bicycle Cafe starts to sell our vests in their shop. They make great coffee and tasty cakes. Many cakes are eaten there.

February 2012

Officially only one year since we started and we already have our first product on sale. TV3 put us on the telly. We start to get some international sales on the website.

Motionfox on Ireland AM

rob and steve appear on tv3 boost my business

March 2012

George Hook puts Rob on the radio also we’re now up to 4 stockists!

Rob on "Kickstart Your Business" with George Hook

Rob on “Kickstart Your Business” with George Hook

May 2012

We’re now stocked in 9 shops and we exhibit at our first show. Second production run of stock arrives the night before the show (just in time – crisis averted). The Irish Cycling Show in the RDS is a great success. Lots of sales and interest from bike shop owners.

Rob with Lord Mayor of Dublin Andrew Montague at the first Irish Cycling Show

Rob with Lord Mayor of Dublin Andrew Montague at the first Irish Cycling Show

June 2012

Rob and Steve attend their first award ceremony. Any excuse to wear tuxedos. Totally surprised when they award Motionfox the export startup of the year silver prize. We get a framed award and a photo with Bobby Kerr. Fingal County Enterprise Board award us a priming grant. Our patent is granted on the FlashBk and how it expands.

Export Startup of the Year Silver Prize

Export Startup of the Year Silver Prize

July 2012

Motionfox get through to the national final of the Blueface Elevator competition. We don’t win first place but fancy day out at the Westbury and another framed award (this time with a glass sculpture as well!).

Rob and Steve at the final of the Blueface Elevator Competition

Rob and Steve at the final of the Blueface Elevator Competition

September 2012

We join Blueface for the Big C Cycle for Blue September. Rob says he’ll do it in his y-fronts and Ian Dempsey gets him on TodayFm to explain why.

Rob on the BlueSeptember Big C Cycle

Rob on the BlueSeptember Big C Cycle

November 2012

We launch our hi-viz ladybug and hi-viz turtle vests for kids. We’re now stocked in over 30 bike shops around Ireland.

Motionfox launch Kubswear hi-viz for kids

Motionfox launch Kubswear hi-viz for kids

January 2013

Rob goes on a reconnaissance mission to London. He finds many people cycling there (despite the snow). Rob makes a mental note to come back to London.

March 2013

The new flashing hi-viz bottles arrives in Dublin airport at 9am on the morning of the Irish Cycling Show. Steve is literally waiting for them to come off the plane. He brings them to Citywest. We sell all 50 in two days.

Irish Cycling Show 2013

Irish Cycling Show 2013

April 2013

We get our first international stockist in London. Edwardes Cycles on the Camberwell Road decide to stock the full Motionfox range.

May 2013

Greame McQueen writes a book about 20 Irish Startups called Start It Up. We are one of those startups!

June 2013

We’re now stocked in 5 shops in central London – and counting!

Motionfox first international stockist is in London

Motionfox now stocked in 5 shops in London

August 2013

We get some favourable reviews from UK cycling press like Road.cc also we now have 9 UK stockists (and counting!)

September 2013

The new redesigned Motionfox website goes live.