5 Quick Tips For Cycling Back To School

Cycle to School with Motionfox

We all know it’s coming. The dreaded “back to school traffic” will soon be snarling it’s way through the streets. Gone will be the free flowing junctions – soon to be replaced with sluggish cars full of frustrated parents and groggy kids. Once they get close to the school gate the children then have to snake their way through the gridlock, watching out for cars jumping hither and thither to get that bit closer to the school.

But there is a better way. A way to avoid the commuting chaos. A way for kids to get to school feeling refreshed and energised and with a notable boost to their concentration. That way is to cycle to school.

It can seem like a challenge and does require a bit of pre-planning, but we’ve listed 5 quick and easy tips to help you get your children cycling to school.

1. Plan the best route for your child
To begin with it may help to prioritise secondary roads over main routes, or to specifically aim for routes with segregated cycle lanes.

2. Cycle the route together before school starts
Cycling the route together a number of times will give your child confidence in the route and confidence in their ability to cycle to school.

3. Have the right equipment
Ensure you have not just the right bike for your child but also the right helmet, high viz, lights and lock and a comfortable and supportive backpack.

4. Have the bikes and equipment ready the night before
Having the bikes and any other equipment ready the night before saves time in the morning and prevents anything being forgotten.

5. Speak to the school
A quick call to the school can make sure there is adequate support for students that cycle and secure facilities for your child to lock their bike.

More information on cycling to school is available on the Green Schools website and the Safe To School site.