MotionFox introduces expandable high-viz vest 


A new Irish-owned company called MotionFox has just launched its
first product – an expandable high-viz vest called the FlashBk which is
suitable for a range of outdoor activities including running or cycling.

Rob Quigley Quigley set up the company with his friend Stephen
Benton. “For a few years we had been discussing various ideas around
starting our own business but we originally met over 10 years ago when
we were both studying Science in UCD,” said Quigley.

specialised in Computer Science and went on to do a PhD with my tuition
fees being paid for by an Irish startup technology company.

my time with this company I was exposed to the challenges involved in
establishing a business. I found this very rewarding and became
increasingly interested in business and entrepreneurship.”

graduated from UCD with a Honours Topical Degree in Cell Biology and
Molecular Genetics and went on to work in many roles in industry before
completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Education in UCD.

“I have
been a cyclist for the past 20 years, and am interested in all outdoor
sports having completed a number of marathons and triathlons, as well as
some adventure races more recently. As a committed cyclist I struggled
to find visibility clothing that I thought was fun as well as functional
and I thought maybe a gap existed in the market,” said Quigley.

is a committed motorist and agreed with me that visibility of road
users is a big issue, particularly as he saw in school not many kids
interested in wearing the standard builders vest. From there we did some
market research and decided to form our own company providing Irish
designed hi-viz activewear. Hence MotionFox was born.”

Developing the FlashBk product

the first product, FlashBk, Quigley said he was seeing many cyclists
wear a hi-viz vest, but then putting a big backpack on over it which
almost completely covered the hi-viz vest rendering it pretty useless.

pair noted many cyclists attempting home-made hi-viz solutions with
their backpacks, either stretching a hi-viz vest over themselves and
their bag which inevitably ends up riding up on the backpack and
flapping in the wind, or wrapping a separate hi-viz vest around the bag
which means you need to carry two vests with you.

In response to
this issue, MotionFox went about designing the FlashBk. “We wanted to
design something that people could use whether they had a bag or not and
would be adaptable to different situations and activities,” Quigley

The FlashBk expands via a set of fasteners on either
side of the vest meaning the amount of expansion can be controlled
depending on the size or style of the bag.