review of the Motionfox FlashBk

7/10 For Motionfox FlashBk recently awarded the Motionfox FlashBk 7/10 and described it as an "Innovative and surprisingly likeable safety gilet with horizons beyond commuting." Click here to read the full review.

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Outsider Review

Outsider magazine reviewed the Motionfox FlashBk and stated that "Motionfox has revolutionised high-visibility vests for the commuter". Read the full review here.
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5 Stars For Motionfox

The Bike List have given the Motionfox expandable hi-viz vest 5 stars (out of 5) for performance describing it as "Cost effective visibility for all year use".

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Welcome to the motionfox website

At motionfox we provide hi-viz clothing and accessories for active travel. Visibility is a crucial safety issue for people who travel by bike or on foot and we hope you find our hi-viz products simple, yet innovative. Thanks for stopping by and feel free to dig around our website so we can help you expand your visibility.

Hi-viz vest + backpack = Motionfox FlashBk

The FlashBk can be worn fitted, or expanded to fit over a backpack and increase your visibility.

Your hi-viz clothing should be the very last thing you put on. Otherwise it is useless. Don’t cover it. Don’t hide it. If it cant be seen you might as well not wear it at all. That is why the FlashBk expandable hi-viz vest can expand to fit over your bag. It’s the last thing you put on. The final outer layer of visibility. The Motionfox FlashBk, with its patented expansion system, is unique in that it can be worn fitted, or expanded to fit over a backpack, giving you maximum visibility on the road.

Motionfox Flashing Water Bottle

The Motionfox water bottle transforms into a flashing beacon of light.

Combining a bike light with a water bottle is an ingenious way to stay hydrated and illuminated on your travels. You need water when you cycle, or when you run, and you need to stay visible (especially at night). The Flashing water bottle from Motionfox is a shining beacon of light that can be seen for up to 300 meters. 3 super bright LEDs embedded in the bottle cap provide the intense light to make sure you will be seen.